Brookville Equipment Corp. has delivered the first of three new Liberty® NXT Streetcars to Portland Streetcar, expanding the agency’s fleet and enabling increased service.

BROOKVILLE Delivers Portland Streetcar 1

The vehicles are part of a $13.6 million contract with Portland Streetcar in a joint procurement with Sound Transit. The 66-foot-long, 70% low-floor NXTs feature an eight-foot-wide car body with seating for up to 26 passengers, including four accessibility seats for those with bikes or wheelchairs, and a full capacity of 100. They are ADA-compliant with deployable bridge plates for easy entry and egress. The company will be delivering the remaining two vehicles in the coming months.

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“The City of Portland started the modern streetcar renaissance in the U.S. in 2001, demonstrating the explosion of economic development that takes place around streetcar systems, and has now become a true vital mode of transit in Portland,” said Brookville Executive Vice President Joel McNeil. “We are thrilled to now have the Liberty NXT Streetcar part of their system, and look forward to supporting Portland Streetcar and these vehicles long into the future.”

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