• You are given a lifetime listing in our directory.
  • We will welcome you to our league of paid advertisers on our applicable channels.
  • We will follow your Facebook Page as DuBoisLIVE and take on a page role.
  • You get pre-approval status on our group of 51,000 for when you post. No more waiting (still subject to group rules and Facebook Community Standards).
  • We will share approximately 7 of your content pieces each week (28-31 per month) of your choosing on any 5 of our platforms.
  • We will create, specific to your business and with your input, 5 content pieces each month highlighting your business and sharing it on our applicable channels.
  • We will invite 300 individuals who follow us to like or follow your Facebook Page per week (1,200 per month) to help grow your audience.
  • We will analyze your website, Google listing, and your social media accounts and offer 4 hours of tweaks, cleanup/troubleshooting, duplicate removal, SEO suggestions, and more.
  • We will create one 45-60-second-long video reel and share it on our applicable channels to promote your business and copy you on that video file for you to likewise share on your own anywhere you see fit.
  • We will create 3 news stories each month specific to your business and publish them on our website that will remain indefinitely and be search-engine-optimized. These can carry over month to month (limit 5 carry-overs). We will also share this on all of our channels when it is launched. In it, we will create permanent backlinks to your business website—enhancing your website’s value per Google’s published list of best practices.
  • You get 3 rotating banners on our website that will be placed within our other content. Banner #1 (and the only banner included in any lower packages) is a standard size, but Banner #2 is larger, more prominent, and guaranteed to appear on the front page. Banner #3 is our largest banner.
  • You can specify the day of the month (provided it is not already taken) and enjoy 3 entire days (24+ consecutive hours) highlighted as the majority (or entirety) of the group cover photo on our Facebook Group of over 51,000 locals. We also tag your business and create a caption.
  • You get 4 featured posts in our group per month that get pinned to the top for 7 days each. They can be created by us or you.
  • We will conduct 1 contest every 3 months to drive followers to your Facebook Page and give away a prize valued at $50. This requires a commitment of 3 months and is, therefore optional, but it is a perk for advertisers on this level that you can decide to take advantage of or not.
  • You get 2 hours of phone support where we can discuss your vision and strategies and how we can help you achieve them. They can be broken apart in 15-minute intervals.
  • Advertisers at this level get sponsorship of 3 content pieces on our website each month. It can be of any content piece we create and you will be provided options as to what piece you wish to put your name next to. This decision will not deduct from your phone support time if it is done via phone call (e-mail is more likely). Example: "Student-Athlete Wins Medal". (Your business will be credited for producing the story.)
  • Advertisers at this level get a complete, professionally-built website, including hosting, SSL, professional e-mail setup and support, dashboard editing access, SEO, database management, analytics, social media integration, and more. Retail value begins at $2,500 + costs for domain registration, SSL, and hosting, but all of the above and more are included in this package at no extra charge.
  • Both the business profile and as many as 3 representatives (Example: Owner, CFO, Business Manager) will see their member status in our group reflect this investment via a badge recognizing you as Platinum and it will appear whenever you make postings on your own within the group.

Headquartered in DuBois, PA, this regional website covers these western Pennsylvania counties:

  • C L E A R F I E L D
  • J E F F E R S O N
  • E L K
  • C L A R I O N
  • C A M E R O N
  • F O R E S T

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